Welcome to the first ever #BigBikeGive giving day. We're so excited to have you on board. This "success guide" page will run you through everything your organization needs to have a successful day of fundraising. We hope you will find it useful.

Understanding: What is "Big Bike Give"?

This is the first year of this event, so you may be wondering, "what is Big Bike Give?" Simply put, Big Bike Give is a giving day that brings as many non-profit organizations that have a primary focus on bikes and trails together for a day during bike month to raise awareness, share time in the spotlight, and raise funding for our missions. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is hosting the giving day by setting up the platform, creating a template for the content, coordinating with organizations like yours to get more folks involved, and offering support to help everyone have success and reach their fundraising goals.

What do we have to do to participate?

You should have already been contacted by Mark Wyatt inviting your organization to participate. If your organization wasn't contacted, your contact information may not have been accessible. Reach out to mark@iowabike.org to make sure you are included.

Other requirements are as follows:

  • Your organization's EIN

  • Your 501(c)(3) determination letter
  • A contact email

  • A bank account to payout your donations

  • The individual responsible for receiving funds' SSN

You will also need to register as a partner business on the bigbikegive.org website. Register by clicking "Apply Now" at bigbikegive.org/register and filling out the form. We'll approve your account within 2 business days and you can add and edit content on your specific donation page. This page will serve as your online donation hub during the fundraiser so it will be beneficial to customize this content for your organization.

What should we put on our fundraising page?

Your page should clearly connect your potential donor to your mission. You will want to set a fundraising goal. This goal can be a monetary value of an arbitrary amount, or one set on a goal or goals that have a financial hurdle to clear before they can be achieved. You can also set a goal based on the number of unique donors who give to your organization which can be useful if you do not have a specific fundraising need but are instead interested in growing your potential donors list as large as it can be.

The most important and effective thing you can have on your page is the impact a donor can have by contributing to your organization. Too often we focus on what "we need" or "our mission" when donors want to feel needed and effective. Using “you” language and focusing on what they can achieve really helps potential donors feel a connection to your mission. For example:

Instead of: “We need $3,000 to fund the next wave of improvements.”

Try: “You can help bring the next wave of improvements to the city when you make a donation today.”

How do we get donors to look at our page to begin with?

Attracting donors is always a challenge, we recommend running a marketing campaign in the weeks leading up to the Big Bike Give giving day so that your audience knows about the giving day and the opportunity they have to make an impact by giving together.

What are ambassadors and why are they important?

Ambassadors are individuals who carry your message to others on your behalf. You could also think of them as volunteers who are helping you fundraise, but not every ambassador will volunteer for this task ahead of time. Your ambassadors are people who know your organization and want to see it succeed so they will endorse you by encouraging others in their network to make a donation to your organization.

Ambassadors are hugely important and extremely useful, and the success of a peer-to-peer fundraiser can be predicted by the number of ambassadors who participate. Getting ambassadors should be a top priority for your fundraising campaign, and it is not difficult to do.

First, you’ll want to have an ambassador’s toolkit like the one we have here at [ambassador’s toolkit URL]. This is a content-dense quick run through of everything an ambassador may need. You can copy the toolkit we have, link your own ambassadors directly to it, or modify it to meet your own needs.

How do we get ambassadors?

The easiest way is to simply ask everyone your organization knows who might be a good fit. The board of directors, previous volunteers, people who engage with you on social media, personal friends who support your cause, and others within your database that engage with your work are all excellent candidates for an ambassador program.

Once you’ve created a list of potential ambassadors, reaching out to them in a personal way works better than a mass email or social media call would. Text, phone, or personal emails work the best to get people on board. If you have a large list of potential ambassadors, a two-pronged method with a manageable size of core/critical ambassadors receiving a personal invitation and the rest receiving a personalized mass email/text is also effective.

How can our ambassadors be effective?

Make sure your ambassadors have clear instructions on what they are supposed to do and when. It can be helpful to have training in the lead up to the Big Bike Gives day of giving via a virtual meeting. Also, make sure your ambassadors use the ambassador toolkit to have all the resources they need as well as details on what needs to happen.

What resources should we use in marketing?

We have a number of premade resources for you to quickly utilize, but you can also use any of the resources here to create your own.

When making posts on Twitter or Instagram or any other social media platform that uses hashtags, please use #BigBikeGives to help us monitor everything going on easily so we can retweet you and help boost your posts further.

How do we get our donations?

Your donations will be deposited automatically. You’ll need to set up the deposit ahead of the Big Bike Give giving day on your fundraising page. Follow the instructions below. Even if you aren’t planning on setting this up today, we recommend reading through these instructions now so you can ensure you have all the required information.