Welcome to the Big Bike Give day of giving! A fundraiser that brings 35 bicycle organizations together on one platform to share exposure and build a statewide bicycle organization fundraiser that helps benefit each organization more than if each were to just operate alone.

How can I help?

Individual bicycling enthusiasts can help an organization they like by becoming an “ambassador” for the day.

What is an ambassador?

An ambassador is what we call a “fundraising volunteer.” Simply put, they carry the message of the organization to others and make an appeal to others to support their organization’s mission.

How do I become an ambassador?

  1. Visit the organization’s page that you want to support on bigbikegive.org. (If you don’t see your organization listed, you can click on “View All” below the heading for “Join These Awesome Organizations” and it should be listed alphabetically)

  2. Under the organization’s name, click “Fundraise”

  3. Enter your information in the box and press “submit”

  4. Click “Manage Profile” to access the dashboard for your fundraiser

  5. Make any updates you like.

We recommend adding a picture of you bicycling and a story of why the organization is important to you. Just a couple sentences would do. No need to get fancy, but if you want to go all out, please have fun with it.

Now that I’m an ambassador, what do I do?

Now we bring it home. Go and tell people about what is going on with the Big Bike Give giving day. Let your cycling buddies, your family, your friends, your bike club, your old co-worker who is always posting pictures of their rides, or whoever else you know that there is a great opportunity to support the organization you like today. Tell them about their mission, and what a difference they can make by helping you fundraise.

I am not much of a writer, can you make this easier?

Here’s some ideas to help get you started. Feel free to use these as a launching point, but remember that not every message makes sense for every organization (bike advocacy groups do different things than trail building groups, and new groups are different than old groups, etc.). Try posting something along these lines, but feel free to adapt:

  1. If you’ve known me long, you know I’m very much into cycling. One of the big issues facing cyclists today is [issue] and the [organization name] is doing great work to fix that. I’m helping them fundraise today during the Big Bike Give giving day. Would you make a donation using my fundraising page? Here’s the link: [URL to your fundraiser]

  2. Today is a big day for bicyclists. This is the first time there has been a really easy way to support [organization name] and the work they are doing to [organization’s mission or goal]. Please join me in supporting them at [URL to your fundraiser]!

  3. Heads up! There’s a great opportunity to help fund the [trail project] today during the Big Bike Give. This would make a huge difference for getting [funding target goal] completed. I set up a fundraising page you can make a donation on! If we could all chip in to get [your fundraiser dollar goal] that would make a dent in [organization name]’s goals. You can give here [URL to your fundraiser]

Where do I share this?

Fundraising in this manner is sometimes called “peer-to-peer” fundraising, and it isn’t limited to any method in particular. You can post on social media, send someone a text message, call your friends, mention it in-person to your buddies on your morning ride, or any other method of telling people about the cause you support and how they can help. Don’t feel limited if you don’t use social media or aren’t much of a socialite, even just sharing your chosen organization’s message with a few others can make a major difference for them.

More resources to help

The ambassador toolkit:
Put together by the giving platform, this toolkit has all the basics here in a very brief form along with links to other articles and blog posts. A great resource if you are still confused with this whole “ambassador thing.”


The ambassador communication guide:

More examples of posts to make on social media. This is also put together by the experts at GiveGab so it’s a great tool for any fundraising you might do.


 Big Bike Give downloads and media kit:

All the art assets you could want if you like to put together a big official looking post, need something with some punch quick, or if you simply don’t want to share an image of yourself rocking your spandex bibs.